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Privacy Expert

Your personal guide through the data protection jungle

From £390 / Year


Data protection explained in a simple way so everyone can understand the law

Follow the privacy program developed by experts

Follow our interactive guide as it takes you step by step through our privacy program to help you plan, execute and maintain your data protection processes. Want to know how to establish a strategy? Or how to identify processing activities? As you follow along, you’ll find links to articles in the legislation along with explanations, best practices and advice.

Easy access to the law

If you want to get deeper knowledge of EU privacy laws, Privacy Expert contains the entire General Data Protection Regulation and guidelines from the European Data Protection Board (EDPB).

Ready, set, customise

Users especially appreciate our library of templates – with carefully crafted policies, procedures, data processing agreements, checklists and privacy notices you can use in your data protection work.

Like having a lawyer 24/7

Our experts answered the most commonly asked questions on data protection (like what does a DPO do?) so you can quickly get the information you need.

We help you stay informed

We publish news on data protection and GDPR compliance in our newsfeed so you can stay updated on important topics.

Never be confused again

Our glossary comes in handy when it comes to the difficult words and legal terms used in the legislation. Need some clarity on data minimisation or pseudonymisation? You’ll find those definitions and more, with links to the legislation when applicable.

Privacy E-Learning

Educate employees and ensure awareness about data protection

From £990 / Year


Make sure all employees get the same training in data protection

Education that’s entertaining

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure the course content is presented in a clear and understandable style that’s educational, yet entertaining.

Expertly curated content

We currently offer an introductory course in data privacy, but will be adding more courses shortly. This course covers seven topics, including an explanation of the necessity of protecting personal data, a review of important terminology and principles, and an introduction to the individual’s rights.

Easy system integration

When you sign up for a course, you are automatically granted access to our e-Learning portal. If you already have a learning management system (LMS), you can import our courses into your own system as they are SCORM-formatted and compatible with most other systems.

Oversee the learning process

From the Privacy e-Learning administration panel you can oversee all of your organisation’s educational activities. From here you can, among other things, invite employees to take courses and see who has completed them.

Privacy DPIA

Guides you to decide when your organisation needs to carry out a DPIA

From £1490 / Year


Performing a DPIA does not have to be complex, time-consuming or expensive

Know when a DPIA is required

The first step in our Privacy DPIA software walks you through a brief questionnaire to screen whether a DPIA is mandatory or optional.

Delegate DPIA-related tasks within the tool

You can manage, delegate and track all identified risks within the tool. Use the risk status function to identify the level of risk and whether a risk is in process or mitigated.

Get a quick overview of your DPIAs

The dashboard is a user-friendly way to track the status of your DPIA work and see any potential risks that have been identified. From here you can also easily generate reports for your organisation or the authorities.

Track and share info within the tool

Use the comment function to communicate with colleagues where information is lacking – making it easy to manage progress.

Take the information with you

Need to import information on your data processing activities? Or export the results of your DPIA? It’s as easy as a click of the button.

Privacy Evaluation

Track your current compliance status and identify areas of improvement

From £1490 / Year


Highlights areas that require attention and provides guidance how to proceed

Assign processes to the right people

An intuitive user administration function allows you to assign different aspects of an evaluation to various users. Users can be assigned partial or entire processes and you can grant authorisation for carrying out tasks, like completing the questionnaire.

Repeat evaluations to gauge improvement

The first stage of an evaluation involves a round of questions covering a range of topics. You answers enable the system to compile a detailed overview of your data handling processes and compliance performance, and identify areas for improvement. With Privacy Evaluation, you can evaluate your procedures as often as you like, which enables you to monitor progress over time.

User-friendly output

The tool summarises the information you provide during the mapping and evaluation stages and displays it on the dashboard. It identifies and scores areas of compliance and non-compliance. There’s also a benchmarking section, where your scores are ranked against industry averages. These features are all designed to help you quickly identify issues that need resolving.

We’ll help you improve

The dashboard clearly indicates areas where you are only partially compliant or non-compliant and recommends actions for achieving GDPR compliance. These recommendations are based on specific areas of the legislation and include detailed instructions on how to proceed. 

Delegate tasks within the tool

It can be overwhelming to sort through your evaluation results and manage the next steps. That’s why we created a task management feature where you can assign tasks to specific users. Each user can access their own tasks, add comments or documents and update the status of a task when it has been remedied.

Get a real-time play-by-play

The tool contains a user activity feed so you can quickly get a simplified overview of who’s been using it, and what the status is on different tasks and evaluations.

Privacy Records

Record every processing of personal data and comply with GDPR Article 30

From £1590 / Year


The easy way to create records of personal data processing

All your records at a glance

With the overview function you can see everything that has been entered into the tool and then easily sort, search and export data. You can also use it to identify risk levels and check the status of data processing activities. There are a number of different presentation formats, including a table layout, which can be customised using advanced filter options.

Generate reports in a few clicks

Use the tool to easily create practical reports containing summaries or analysis. These can then be exported and downloaded as Excel or PDF files – a great feature if your organisation should ever have to account for your activities to the authorities.

Control user authorisation and access levels

Within the tool you can set specific access and authorisation parameters for every role. For example, you can assign reporting authority to an administrator or give a colleague limited access to a processing activity. Data records and processing activities can then be linked to other users like a DPO or the employee who oversees an activity. Administrators can also send messages to users within the tool.

Easy tools for cooperation

Privacy Records has a time-saving activity and reminder index to help you keep track of important processing activities. Activities and reminders can be created for most steps, such as erasure and for editing processing activity records. Then all you have to do is assign them to a processing activity, user and document.

Track and share info within the tool

Use the status function to highlight registrations that are completed or in process, and the comment function to communicate with colleagues where information is lacking. Applying a risk status to your processing activity helps you easily flag and filter them later, for tracking or to perform a DPIA.

Map all processing of personal data in one place

Import data from Excel to Privacy Records in a customized form and make sure to gather all personal data mapping in one place.

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